PJ GRINCH - Fast As You Can

After a long break to enjoy family, life, love and music - the band is ready to get back into the studio and start the next chapter in the story of PJ GRINCH.

The origins of PJ GRINCH began over 10 years ago, with friends traveling in the same musical circles. Now centered in Phoenix, Arizona, they are known on the west coast music scene as a force to be reckoned with.

It was the summer of 2001 when Pete James and Todd Kruger decided to merge their diverse musical talents to form PJ GRINCH. Their chemistry quickly became apparent. Pete, the front man, offers strong heartfelt vocals which carry the bands songs into the realm of insight. Together, with his rhythmic guitar and conga playing, his creative talents are a big part of what makes this band stand out. Todd is a rock solid drummer. His use of auxiliary percussion and his strong rhythmic ideals are his unique trademark. These two wasted no time putting out their debut CD, Bones, which introduced the backbone of this up and coming rock band. The west coast tour, smokin bones, had a remarkable turnout and it helped put PJ GRINCH onto the national college radio scene. Enter Ron Reukauf in 2002, who had worked with Pete on four albums back east. Their chemistry continues to this day. Rons guitar adds powerful riffs and vivid licks to this rapidly progressing project. Out of this unique collaboration has evolved a solid and unforgettable band.

PJ GRINCH released their sophomore CD in the summer of 2004. Back To You is a shining example of PJ GRINCHs talent and passion for making music. Poetic and intensely dynamic, Back To You showcases the songs which have evolved their style and earned them a devoted following among many. With songs like Painter and its gripping melodies, the honest ballad Always and the nonstop energy of I Can, this album has put PJ GRINCH into the national spotlight. This quartet pulls off a phenomenal performance on Back To You, which demonstrates PJ GRINCHs cohesive vision. They have a combined instinct for original and authentic music - uncommon in a time of disposable carbon copy radio bands. In May 2007, they released a two song CD, "Balance". It's a sneak peak at what's to come on their upcoming full length album, which is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2009.

On stage these musicians are no longer separate entities. Their chemistry and passion reflects into the music and most definitely onto the stage. PJ GRINCH will blow your mind with their energy and drive. Lovers of the art and listeners of all ages will welcome PJ GRINCHs contribution.